Decorating My DreamBox Part 1: InView™ Tote Liners

February 21, 2020

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I did it! I received my beautiful DreamBox and created a space so beautiful, I don’t ever want to leave my studio! The whole process seemed very daunting in the beginning but as I listed out my goals, I realized that if I started with bite-sized chunks, my messy studio had the potential to be an enchanting crafty haven.  Why was it so daunting? Well…I had accumulated quite a mess over my years as a crafter…

Organizing craft room

So as you can see, I had quite the task in front of me. For a few days, I focused solely on my DreamBox decorating. (Decorating is so much more fun than organizing…which is what got me in this mess to begin with.)

Adding accessories to your DreamBox is one of the hardest decisions when placing your order. I finally settled on the Crown + Light, the Power Package, the Pre-Built Service and the 80 InView™ Tote Package. After putting it all together, I’m very satisfied with my selections. I have been especially happy with the InView™ Tote Package. The totes are made of a crystal clear resin and are the perfect sizes for organization. They are GORGEOUS standing alone but I knew if I packed them full of my craft supplies, they would look cluttered and unsightly. The obvious solution…create a tote-front liner! I considered doing this with vinyl but I’ve been eyeing a paper pad I recently purchased and realized everything about it sparked complete joy in my crafty heart. Plus by using paper, I could easily change my colors and theme when I was ready! The colors of this pad would make the perfect tote liners. Most of my paper came from this paper pad found at Michaels Craft Stores. There are so many wonderful choices in the Paper Pad section on their website!

Paper Pack

As an avid rainbow lover, I wanted a rainbow gradient for my DreamBox. I chose pink, purple, yellow and teal for my perfect personal rainbow. I selected the patterned paper that fit this color palette and set out to create a template for the liners in Silhouette Studio®.

Mandy's Rainbow

1) First plot twist…Paper packs are typically no larger than 12″ x 12″. The long tote front measures just over 13″ in width. This a moment where I chose to focus on the positive and say, “It’s fine!” Having a half inch on each side of the liner is not the end of the world. It still covers most of the contents of the tote. So I took a deep breath and kept measuring. 

Silhouette studio rectangle tool

2) In Silhouette studio, I used the rectangle tool to create a rectangle using these measurements. The overall tote front measures 13″ x 2.9″.Knowing that my paper was only 12″ wide, I made the tote front liner slightly smaller at 11.8″  and 2.9″ in height. 

3) I measured the opening in the middle of the tote from top to bottom and side to side. The opening measures .08″x 4.5″. I selected the rounded rectangle tool and used my measurements in Studio to create the same shape. 

Next, I measured the distance from the top of the tote to the top of the opening. I created a line in the Studio using this measurement (.08″) and placed it with one end touching the top of my rectangle. Then, I moved my inner rectangle to meet the other end of my line, placing it exactly where the opening of my paper liner would match the tote front.

Finally, to center the opening with the tote front, I selected both objects in Studio® and centered them using the vertical center alignment option. 

small tote front liner

The smaller, thinner tote was a bit more complicated because of the slanted angles and indentions on each side. It took a little longer and few trial-and-error cuts. 

tote liner for DreamBox

 Download my FREE Tote Liner Cut File here to create your own paper liners for your DreamBox totes! Make sure to take pics, post and tag @sparkleberryink so we can drool over your take on this project. If you don’t have a DreamBox yet, you’re in luck! Order yours from The Original Scrapbox and use code SPARKLEBERRY to save $100 off. This beauty will change your whole craft game!

Check out my video of my completed DreamBox!


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